• 型号:
  • 加热板尺寸:
  • 产品特点:

    1. 自动/半自动模式切换
    2. 压力自平衡系统
    3. 加厚加热板确保温度和压力均匀度
    4. CE 认证
    5. 0.8MPa(120 PSI) 高压力
    6. 需接空压机提供气压
    7. 加热板配有防静电高温布

  • Brief overview

    MEM TZ6-4050 pneumatic six station heat press

    The design of the MEM six station two heads press combines a heavy-duty solid industrial grade pressing framework with high quality electric components. This provides the operator with the best possible features and equipment needed for today's various heat transfer applications.
    Using the MEM TZ6-4050 six station two heads heat press, all common heat transfer processes (flock,flex, sublimation, transfer, Inkjet--flex etc.) can be conducted professionally and with highest productivity. The desired settings can be set easily with the temperature controller. The pneumatic pressure can be regulated smoothly with the air reducing valve. With the restriction valve on the solenoid valve, the press and lift speed could be adjusted.

    Short overview MEM TZ6-4050 heat press

    ● Pneumatic six station transfer press for medium and large batches.
    ● Pressure balancing system on heat plate and bottom plate.
    ● Operates in automatic or manual modes.
    ● Adjustable air pressure by air reducing valve.
    ● Lifetime factory on-line service.

  • Safety Precautions

    Please read these instructions and safety precautions carefully before using your press for the first time!

    ● Never reach into the heat press with your hands when it is connected to the power supply, particularly when it is switched on and heated up – danger of severe burns!
    ● Do not open the cover or attempt to modify the machine yourself without instruction.
    ● In case you are requested by the MEM customer support to open the heating plate cover,please make sure you are wearing respiratory protection and only touch the contained insulation wool with gloves. Any disposal of the wool must be contained in a closed bag.
    ● Ensure that liquids and metal objects do not get into the inside of the heat press.
    ● Ensure that the power connection used is grounded. Note that it is only permissible to operate a heat press from a power socket protected by a ground fault protection switch.
    ● Disconnect machine from power outlet when not in use!
    ● Never operate the heat press within the reach of children and never leave the machine unsupervised when switched on.
    ● Ensure that the machine is used only in dry rooms.
    ● Pay attention that the used compressor is attuned to the air consumption and the pressure

    If you cannot observe one or more of the safety precautions above, or if you are not sure whether all points are satisfied, please contact our Technical Support Department.

  • Machine description

    a.Manual/Semi-auto/Auto switch
    b.Emergency stop button
    c.Temperature controller (head 1)
    d.Rotate timer
    e.Temperature controller (head 2)
    f.Rotate speed switch
    g.Head 2 power switch
    h.Solenoid valve
    i.Power switch
    j.Rotate button
    k.Emergency stop button

  • Technical data



    Voltage and power

    220V (6000W) single phase

    Time Range


    Max. Temp.

    260°C / 500°F

    Heat plate size

    40x1250px (16"x20")

    Dimensions (L*W*H)

    2130*2130*1400mm (60"x60"x55")

    Shipping Dimensions (L*W*H)

    2000*1500*1520mm (59"x44"x56")

    Shipping Weight

    500kg (1000lbs)

    Max. press thickness